Kay Kay

Kiara Ruffin (31) was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She began her musical journey at the age of 9. She created a group with her and her 2 cousins. Torrance (Tank) Williams and Shalon (Daboo) Williams. They created their music by recording over old tapes in their parents musical stash on a boombox. KayKay and Daboo would rap over beats made by Tank beatboxing. As Kaykay got older Tank moved to Texas and Kaykay and Daboo continued to create music together. Her first time recording was in her basement on the Audacity Program. Her mixing wasn’t altogether but they made the best of it. As time passed kaykay continued to perfect her craft and continued to record music to beats and industry beats she found on youtube. At the age of 25 Kaykay started her own label with a few others that is now disbanded. Kaykay was a great artist but her heart was more into the actual music. She didn’t really want to be a performing artist she would rather not be on the forefront of the musical scene, so she took to becoming more of a producer then a rap artist. She began watching tutorials on youtube and also teaching herself. There wasn’t much to learn because as a child her grandmother had her take piano lessons where she would learn the proper techniques, notes, and keystrokes on a piano. She also performed a ton of recitals put together by her teacher. Kaykay wasnt the most popular in her city so she had to work hard to get her name and image out to the public. Being an introvert it was very hard for her to do that so she would reach out to people via social media just so that they can check out her work, That didn’t really go as planned because she was a new producer in her city there wasn’t a really great chance for her to get heard because all of the artist in Milwaukee was already either established or didn’t want to pay for her services. She then took her work to youtube where she would upload her beats and streams. Her first beat that was purchased was from an artist out in New York the video on youtube now has almost 100,000 streams. KayKay became a part of a growing community when a new studio opened called SoundHouse she came in and put one foot forward by reaching out to the man in charge Fetti. He gave her a chance and she became a hot commodity in the building. She recorded top Milwaukee artist such as YPN, Big Ken, Mt, and a slew of others. Although she loved her job at sound house she wanted more. She didnt want to just be an engineer she wanted to produce music. So she took another step on faith and left SoundHouse and started working more towards her producing. Kaykay began postin more and more on her social media sites when she received a message from Doc Holiday asking if she wanted to join his team of Artist Producers and Engineers she jumped at the opportunity and now she is working alongside a lot of greats! This is just the beginning! She will be heard!