Milliyon Delegance

Millliyon Delegance, born October 11th 1975 in Chicago, Illinois USA Co-owner and operator of Milliyon Entertainment,LLC., Tha Perfekshunist$, Perfek Soundz Multi-Media Solutions & Perfek Publishing, has always been musically motivated. Starting at an early age of six music has had a major impact on life from that moment that will be forever lasting. Growing up as an only child that was adopted at birth Milliyon has learned to deal with the reality of life’s challenges from an early place in life. Nevertheless, the strong will and passion has provided Milliyon the resilient mindset that kept him pushing through the downfalls and failures that life presents over time.

Milliyon was unable to resist the intoxicating, melodic sounds that he would come to later understand was music, and that started a fire that would grow permanently. This is one of the starting ingredients that led to his music production as a first love later in teenage years. His childhood, unknowingly, still was centered on music with doing talent shows in middle school and making mix tapes from radio shows that played his favorite music. Things didn’t stop at that point because the recording engineer was being developed at the same time that the producer was. Learning the concept of working, recording and fixing analog tape a engineer was also born. Playing musical instruments in grade school helped with understanding the theory of music.

Milliyon has worked with a variety of artist locally and nationally from production to recording songs to mixing and/or mastering full albums or shooting video and commercials.